Observatory and Astronomy Club

Harrison students in grades 4-6 are invited to join the thriving astronomy club which operates its very own observatory on the campus. The observatory is used during a variety of activities including star parties, which invite parents to join their students in learning more about astronomy.

Disc Golf Course and Trails

Harrison’s campus also features a nine hole disc golf course. The course is used by both students and community members and offers a great introduction and practice course for beginner and intermediate players. The course is surrounded by a half mile paved trail.

Environmental Club/Makerspace


Robotics also plays a big role with after-school activities. Many students can be found collaborating over designs while creating their projects. Robotics is open to students in grades 4-6. Students will learn about applications and design and build their own robots. Students also have the opportunity to join area robotic competitions.

Student Leadership

Promoting leadership, Harrison’s Student Council has been recognized as an Honor Council by the Indiana Association of Student Councils. Students in grade 4-6 can learn about leadership, philanthropy and school

Chess Club

Students have the opportunity to meet to learn and play chess. This club is open for any student K-6 at any playing level. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in local competitions.