two students with a Vex robot

Warsaw Community Schools is celebrating six years of a committed partnership with Zimmer Biomet through an elementary robotics showcase of learning. An initial donation from Zimmer Biomet allowed every 4th through 6th student in the eight elementary schools to utilize Lego EV3 robots for programming and engineering. This 6th annual showcase continues to stretch our offerings of STEM education across all of Warsaw Community Schools.

The elementary robotics showcase is split between two main events. The first challenge is engineering a drag racer that travels the fastest through a complex maze of several turns. The second challenge is presenting their robot and strategy to a panel of judges from Zimmer Biomet. The judges will ask the students a series of questions relating to their teamwork skills, collaboration skills, and engineering skills.  

“LEGO robotics club helps kids do hard things.  Being in the club helps me learn how to program robots,” says Federico Presteguin, a student in the LEGO Robotics program.

This has been an unprecedented year in education due to COVID, but we are continuing to create authentic experiences for our students.  It is significant to note that moments like today can only be achieved by the generosity of time from volunteers. Equally encouraging is the united participation of Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw Community Schools, and community members in serving the students as they share. 

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