WCS School Board

Heather Reichenbach, Board President of Warsaw Community Schools, offers words of appreciation today for three incredibly important groups: WCS School Board Members, the WCS Business Department, and our amazing students - Go Tigers!

WCS School Board: Today we would like to recognize and honor the following extraordinary group of individuals who are committed to creating the best learning environments for ALL students.

Serving the Warsaw Community Schools District, our School Board Members are:

  • District 1: Mike Coon, Board Member
  • District 2: Heather Reichenbach, Board President
  • District 3: Elle Turley, Board Member
  • District 4: Randy Polston, Board Vice President
  • District 5: Jeremy Mullins, Board Secretary
  • District 6: Matt Deuel, Board Member
  • District 7: Bradly Johnson, Board Member

Your heart, wisdom, and intention is appreciated. We thank you for your service to our students, staff, and community!

Business Department: The second group we honor today is our outstanding team in the Business Department led by our Chief Financial Officer, April Fitterling. Thank you all for working diligently behind the scenes to handle payroll, invoicing, grant funds, accounting, and so much more! Your team keeps our schools accountable to the community for tax-payer dollars and makes sure all of our schools have their operational needs met so everything can run smoothly. You do it so well! Today, we take the time to thank you all for all you do.

Student Body: Our last, but not least, group we honor today is our reason why!

In a district of almost 7,000 students, we are surrounded by exceptional human beings we call our Warsaw Tigers! Our students are motivated, curious, innovative, collaborative, focused, reflective, smart, and kind! Our students have persevered through so many challenges and unexpected situations - yet they have found ways to thrive and succeed.
We can’t wait to see who they become and how they impact their neighborhoods, city, state, country, and the world!

It’s a great day to be a TIGER

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