Request for Quote Studio Photos

Warsaw Community Schools requests quotes for eight elementary schools for school pictures and yearbooks based on the following criteria:

Individual Pictures

  • A one-year agreement;
  • All students photographed spring and fall;
  • Offer a four package pre-pay program (minimum);
  • Schedule each school individually for spring and fall no later than August 1, 2022;
  • Provide digital pictures for yearbook and staff directories;
  • List choice of backgrounds available and additional cost if applicable;
  • A 100% guarantee on all photographs;
  • Absentee and retake pictures are scheduled with each school;
  • All photographs in natural color;
  • Furnish envelopes for student repay with quotes package options listed in English & Spanish;
  • Worksheets for teachers furnished (records);
  • State the number of units and square inches in each package; All prices should include sales tax.
  • Complimentary lowest-price package for faculty and staff;
  • One picture of faculty for the yearbook;
  • List the cost for a poster-sized picture of all staff/students in each building.

All questions are to be directed to Please submit one (1) written copy of the quote before midnight on May 5, 2022, to Amanda Scroggs, Director of Communications at Warsaw Community Schools, 1 Administration Drive, Warsaw, IN 46580.

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